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Lula's Minister of Economy is the unofficial Colombia's FARC representative in Brazil!

By Luís Afonso Assumpção | swimming against the red tide

24.11.05 | In a sensational article, Heitor de Paola, one of the most prolificous editors from Media Without Mask website in Brazil, has revealed a true atomic bomb: Antonio Palocci, Lula's 2002 campaign chief and now the almighty minister of economy is in fact the unofficial representative of FARC (major drug-dealing-terrorist group in Colombia) interests in Brazil.

He created a pro-Farc committee in 2002 when he was the mayor of the city of Ribeirao Preto. Heitor has found this news that was published only in the local newspapers NINE MONTHS after the fact, when Palocci was already in charge of Lula da Silva campaign that year. The information was totally hidden from a larger audience since that time, surviving only as a rumour. Now, when the Cuba-Lula affair has put Palocci under fire, it has emerged again. Read the details here:

"I have denounced, together with other columnists from Media without Mask that the 'motherland saviour', Minister of Economy Antonio Palocci Filho, is not what it seems, he is the unofficial representative of the Colombian narcoterrorist group called FUERZAS ARMADAS REVOLUCIONARIAS DE COLOMBIA - FARC in Brazil. And his performance in charge of Brazil's economy is part of a wicked plan from the SAO PAULO FORUM (fsp) to mold the economy in the false 'stability' axis where it is, with incredibly high interest rates and daily bankrupcies of hundreds of companies while banks are profitting more than ever, to serve as a support of a totalitarian project of Fidel, Chávez and Lula to Latin America".

Here's the proof of Palocci-Farc link.

Media Without Mask: "It's a text by freelancer Joel Silva and Marcelo Toledo, reporters from a newspaper called “Folha de Ribeirao” with the collaboration of Evandro Spinelli, dating march, 10th, 2002, that was only made available through the internet nine months later, in december, 10th, 2002 and, as a magic trick, disappeared until now. The title is 'Dangerous Liasons - Group wants to spread the 'causes' from FARC'. It continued 'PT's (worker party) secretary launched a supportive committe to the Colombian guerrilla'. This is the text"

" The office will be officially launched march 20th, in the executive chamber of Ribeirao Preto's. The office will be located at 'citizens temple', a non-profit cultural organization, of which Palocci is one of the founding members. The group will be called 'Solidarity to the Colombian People and to the National Liberation Movements Committee' (....)

Part of the committee say they want to defend the causes of FARC, but not its violence. 'The idea is that we could spread to all Brazil the situation of Colombian people and the true causes of the FARC's fight against the local government'. One of the members, Paulino, is a radical : 'I don't think that elections will solve (the problems of Brazil), it's the revolution. Today in Brazil there's no condition to make an armed revolution, but that's not the case in Colombia. They (FARC) have an organized military.

Palocci and Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva were unable to speak about the episode yesterday. The committee will gather pro-Farc signatures and will defend the Farc's arguments around Brazil. During the launching a guerilla's activist will be present. 'We need to speak out and to launch Farc's committees all around the world to denounce the problems that occurred in that country', said Beto Cangussú (PT) - one of the founders.

To 'seal the deal', there was a meeting in Ribeirao Preto joining Paulino and Oliverio Medina - the unofficial Farc's spokeperson in Brazil, that even got caught in 2000 accused of terrorist activities by the Colombian government (note: Medina is under arrest right now in Brazil, on the eve to his expulsion to Colombia)."

Comments Nothing really. Only a question : Am I being too paranoid? No, just like Andy Grove's (Intel Chairman) book said "Only the paranoid survive"!!

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