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Open letter to Steven Dudley

By Aleksander Boyd

23.11.05 | Dear Mr. Dudley,

I read with interest your recent article about Eva Golinger entitled "Accusing U.S., finding fame." With astonishment I noticed the leniency and pleasantries utilized to present the case of the Venezuelan-American cum revolutionary star in Venezuela, merely for having written a book on the alleged, and to date unproven, direct involvement of the US administration in Venezuela's 2002 coup.

You may wish to learn that Ms. Golinger did in fact receive payments, as a student and for unknown purposes, for legal services rendered to the Venezuelan government back in Nov 2003. You must also be informed that Ms. Golinger claimed fraudulently and publicly, for at least one year, of her NGO (Venezuela Solidarity Committee) having being granted a tax-exempt status. This was done with the purpose of soliciting donations and contributions and conning the public. A request to the IRS to verify the validity of Ms. Golinger claim returned a negative response from Marilyn Baker, manager of customer account services with the IRS' Department of the Treasury in Cincinnati.

Therefore I consider fitting to alert you that you're doing a great disservice to your readers by presenting Ms. Golinger as a successful investigative lawyer, or as a person worth of any admiration. Her success can only be attributed to the appalling political and ethical conditions imposed by those who happen to misgovern our country.


Aleksander Boyd

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