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The militaristic and non-democratic side of Chavez's revolution exposed in detail

By Miguel Octavio | The Devil's Excrement

20.11.05 | Last week, a document which had been circulating via the Internet was actually posted in its entirety at this web address ( The document entitled "Pensamiento Militar Venezolano" or "Venezuelan Military Thinking" looked too elaborate to be a fake, but doubts lingered in some circles. Well, today a number of those that were linked to the creation of the document, including a retired General, Gral. Muller Rojas, and the Minister of Defense, Gral. Maniglia, were asked about it in local newspaper El Nacional (page-A5). The first one said that the document is an earlier version that is missing the last chapter and goes on to describe that what is missing is a historical recount of the thinking of Venezuela's forefathers. The second one considers it unlikely that it is the "true" document, as only one person of those involved in writing the document has an electronic copy. But Gral. Muller Rojas is supposed to be the coordinator and seems to have vouched for its veracity, which is downright scary.

As described in PMBcomments in Chapter V of the document, the military defines its views and their role in Venezuelan political life in a very confrontational manner, defending the historical and geographical heritage of Venezuela as originally "developed by the forefathers of the homeland". The whole document is based on a perverse view of ideological differences in terms of military confrontation, conflicts and war, defining the US as the enemy, envisioning provoking the US into invading Venezuela in order to develop a demoralizing war of insurgency against that country. It presents a romantic view of Venezuelan’s ability to use creativity and ingenuity to defend their homeland, as well as their idealized solidarity to help defend "that peripheral world, condemned to exclusion by Darwinian policies advanced by the neoconservative forces". Moreover, the document even includes a justification for military action against those that oppose the Government locally, viewed as a "fifth column", who simply want to defend the "Empire" and the ideas of "Free Markets".

This document defines a scary outlook of the role of Venezuela as military interms of confrontations, where instead of using ideas (even if claims science and technology are integral part of the weapons for the upcoming battle), force and tactics will be used to impose on others the "only correct" ideas, those of their leader Hugo Chavez spouses, whatever they may be now or evolve into in the future.

In the next few days this document should continue hitting the news with force and showing the true face of this not so pretty revolution, whose main goal is to promote the image and increase the power of autocratic Hugo Chavez. Maybe its veracity will begin to be denied. For those supporting Hugo Chavez, here and abroad, they will have to face an important decision in the upcoming days if the document is defended by the Government: Do they fall on the side of an autocratic, corrupt, incompetent, fascist, militaristic, warmongering and non-democratic revolution, or do they defend the most basic rights of human beings? The choice is clear.

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