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Hugo Chávez Unmasked: Nothing but a liar

By Pedro Mario Burelli | PMBComments

05.11.05 | PMBComments: as was expected, at the conclusion of last night’s edition of Nightline, Ted Koppel did exactly what any self-respecting interviewer must do when they conclude that they have been used as launch pad for the propagation of lies. He set the “record” straight on Hugo Chávez’s “explosive charge” that the U.S had a Plan denominated Balboa that Venezuela had uncovered and which pertained to the invasion by U.S. troops of our country.

He called his bluff by replaying the segment in the interview where Mr. Chávez offers to send him “partial” proof of the documents discovered by Venezuela. Then Ted Koppel succinctly informed his viewers that:

“After many requests over the last two months, we have received NOTHING”.

Enough said. Now it remains to be seen if the few print journalists and Editorialists who seem to remain in awe with Lt. Colonel Chávez, pay some respect to the dogged, and soon to-retire, Mr. Koppel by including the “liar” label in their stories or editorials. I suggest, that in fairness to fact, they refer to him along these lines, “Hugo Chavez, a failed coup-plotter, who has won a number of elections with an ever decreasing level of transparency and by misusing hundreds of millions of state funds in his political campaigns, and who was recently caught lying on TV in both the US and the UK, and so on and so forth………”. PMB

Note: Koppel did inform his viewers that he had obtained information, from another source (“a former Venezuela Ambassador to the UN” - ?) which effectively identified Balboa as an old “war game” exercise of the Spanish Military (as the US Ambassador Brownfield already did weeks ago).

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