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Hugo Chavez is a liar

By Daniel Duquenal | Venezuela News and Views

25.10.05 | So the BBC interview "talking point" took place. I meant to watch it completely but as usual I cannot stand Chavez insults to my intelligence. Even dubbed, I could not go through it all. I tried. But first the technicalities. Alek has it all at a good band on his site, faster and better than the actuall BBC link, at least from Venezuela! the mysteries of Internet which I confess cannot comprehend all.

The interview lasts, at least according to the counter that appeared on my Real Audio, 52 minutes. I watched the first few minutes and of course they started with what interests the most Europeans: Chavez and oil and the US. A suave and semi polished Chavez started with all sorts of platitudes, even including when he was helping Clinton stabilize oil prices (one would assume they were golf course pals discussing Oil Policies on the tees of Hilton Head). I am not too sure if the point that Chavez was proping up was that Bush is the one who screwed up oil price stability but I would not be surprised, China and India oil consumption notwithstanding.

But by then I had already enough and I sped up to minute 30 something.

Surprised, I reached when the BBC journalist was asking Chavez, very clearly and obviously very informed, about the voters that are on the black list (1). He did not use the words "Tascon list" as the BBC audience likely would not have understood what was that matter. But it was quite clear that the journalist was implying that indeed there were now second class citizens in Venezuela and what was Chavez going to do about it.

Spectacularly Chavez lied. He denied it point blank and IMMEDIATELY stated that it was the people that lost the election of August 2004 that were upset and this immediately was followed by a long tirade on such a brilliant election, monitored by so many people including the Carter Center, and blah, blah, blah... In other words he did not address the question, the specific question, an issue which in Venezuela is now vox populi as WE ALL KNOW at least one person that was affected in its work, career, or social benefits because s/he signed the Recall Election petition.

Chavez lied. Chavez is a liar. At this point probably a pathological liar.

In a normal country this video would be enough to start a judicial inquiry. Clinton was impeached for much, much less.

Just in case the message is not clear for those that might not read English well enough:

Chavez, eres un mentiroso. Mentiste frente al mundo entero y lo sabes. Eres un cara dura.

And if Chavez does not like it I would be delighted to go to any international court with the BBC video in hand and all the dossier on the Tascon list that has been gathered by Tal Cual and so many other people. Humble blogger Miguel has already an impressive section on the Tascon list. So imagine what the courts could hear if we had courts of justice in Venezuela.

Needless to say that after that outrage I tuned off the interview. What could be of possible interest in it, except for the few sycophants that follow such a flawed leader?

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1) Thus we can find solace in the fact that the BBC became aware among the avalanche of questions it received (the journalsits cites more than 3000!) that many were not favorable and at least it asked on one of the most important charges against the morally corrupt Chavez administration.

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