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Meet the international Hugo Chavez

By Aleksander Boyd

London 17.10.05 | Hugo Chavez took his revolution to Europe. The first stop was Salamanca where he met with other Latin American heads of State in the Iberoamerican summit, more aptly called Akelarre. He then went to Galicia, north west Spain, where he tried to convince the locals that he is all up for the respect of private property. I enjoy so much watching clips of him as his performances causes much needed laughter, given the stratospheric ridicule content, and the histrionic ability of the man continues to amaze me. To some TV channel in Galicia he said with a straight face that in Venezuela there is "absolute respect for laws, the constitution and rights..." (sic). A quick call to Vestey or Polar groups, to name but a couple, can prove otherwise.

However in Venezuela, the locals there need be reminded at every available opportunity that he is the country's generalissimo, he stated very recently that in his war against large privately owned farms those seeking to defend what's legally theirs will have to "face the consequences, for be ascertained that the army will be sent in with the corresponding legal injunction..." (sic).

Impressive isn't it? Please do compare both clips (voice inflection, tone, demeanour) and see how malleable and versatile Chavez's communist mind appears to be depending on the audience he's addressing.

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