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Will traitor Hugo Chavez surrender PDVSA's control to a German Marxist?

By Aleksander Boyd

London 12.10.05 | Venezuela, amongst many Latin American countries, celebrates today Columbus Day or more appropriately the Day of the Race. On October 12 1492 Columbus landed for the first time in America and such date has been commemorated since. For some the day means just a day off. Others however are of the opinion that there's nothing to celebrate in view of the utter ransacking and abuse with which the Spaniards plagued the continent, annihilating entire civilizations. Hugo Chavez has voiced repeatedly that he belongs to the latter; i.e. he stands against the many crimes that the subjects of the Royal Spanish Crown committed in the land. Furthermore his rethoric suggests that he is strongly opposed to any form of colonialism or imperialism.

Evidence, however, demonstrates that Chavez's rethoric is just that, hollow political drivel. No pundit on Venezuelan matters can provide a contrasting example of similar political leverage upon Venezuela's president as the one enjoyed today by dictator Fidel Castro. His ascendancy over Hugo Chavez has got no parallels in our history for never had a foreigner exerted so much influence in the conduction of our affairs, lest of course one factors in the viceroys who used to rule the land centuries ago.

Alas the willingness of the failed coupster to cede pieces of Venezuela's sovereignty does not stop with the Cuban criminal. For it has been reported that Bernard Mommer -an avowed German Marxist who is believed to have escaped to Venezuela due to connections to the 70ies terrorist group Baader-Meinhof- may be given PDVSA's top job, replacing -illegally appointed but at least Venezuelan- Rafael Ramirez.

Therefore Hugo Chavez, the man who fills his foul mouth with supra nationalist babble, will give control of Venezuela's oil industry, upon which the whole country depends, to a France-born German. Venezuelans were not insulted enough when graduating military officers were dispatched to Cuba to kneel, bow and swear obeisance to communist Castro. Venezuelans' patrimony was not damaged sufficiently by Mommer's decision, supported by Chavez, to stop production of Orimulsion shutting BITOR, throwing away years of 'endogenous' research and development. Now the country's only profit generating enterprise will be put in the hands of someone whose incompetency got him sacked back in the days when PDVSA was a model of stately-owned corporate efficiency.

The aboriginals fought the Spaniards; Bolivar et al fought and expelled the Spaniards; yet Hugo Chavez, 513 years of struggle later, voluntarily surrenders our sovereignty and riches to foreign criminals. There's only one word to describe such deeds: TRAITOR.

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