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Hugo Chavez's mantra: ¡¡Lo que nada nos cuesta, hagámoslo fiesta!!

By Aleksander Boyd

London 04.09.05 | To be frank I do have a problem with Chavez donating stuff, whatever he said he will donate, to the people of New Orleans. I mean, what the fuck? Venezuelan folks are dying of starvation in Maicao; begging indigenous mothers have sort of multiplicated, along with their children, in street corners of Caracas; 80% of Venezuela's population live in poverty; I shall repeat that 80% OF VENEZUELA'S POPULATION LIVE IN POVERTY; and Venezuela's own tragedy in Vargas state back in 1.999; how about that? Where are the housing solutions that were going to be built with the €38 million, that the EU alone, donated? And the monies given by other nations? And the $25 million that the US spent in loading up two ships full of aid and engineers to be sent to our country, only to be rejected by 'patriot' Hugo Chavez just before reaching Venezuelan shores? Have the relatives of the 25.000 that presumedly lost their lives been sorted? 250.000 were displaced or lost their homes. Where are they after nearly 6 years? No largesse and donations from Hugo Chavez to his own countrymen? As Pedro commented the other day; go take a walk in Vargas, check it out, see the most wonderful urbanistic developments that the Chavez regime has built.

And Venezuela's street children? Hugo Chavez was going to change his name had he fail to solve the issue of the poverty stricken kids in his first year of government, remember? For how long and how many Venezuelan families could live on the funds spent to entertain fucking Jesse Jackson? Where is he BTW, has anyone seen him comforting his "brothers and sisters" in New Orleans? How about 'lethal sucker' Danny Glover, has he been seen ferrying anyone to safety?

But I digress, whilst I see from afar the utter destruction that Chavez and his henchmen have brought about I remain flabbergasted at the passivity of my fellow countrymen. Hugo Chavez continues his neo-fascist march and along the way is pilfering our country's resources in problems that are not ours. But what's happening back home? The youngsters too busy partying; the middle aged, some busy trying to figure out how to survive while others -busier still- how to join the chavista orgy; and what can be expected from the elder? And the politicians? Give me break!!

Nah, ese país se lo llevó quien lo trajo and as the good old saying goes cada pueblo tiene el gobierno que se merece. Period.

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