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Chavez may fool Jesse Jackson about himself and Venezuela, but not us

By Miguel Octavio | The Devil's Excrement

30.08.05 | I find it remarkable that Hugo Chavez even dares to suggest that he will ask for the extradition of a citizen for calling for his assassination, when between the two of them, the only man who has a track record killing people is Chavez himself. Besides the 200 killed in the 1992 coup, there are over one hundred deaths in opposition marches, people from both sides, because when the shooting begins, the bullets haven’t figured out how to distinguish opposition bodies from his supporters. And afterwards, these crimes simply go unpunished.

But just the same, hundreds of his supporters have been selectively killed in Guarico state by the state police, but in a despicable deal at the top, which Chavez was part of, as stated publicly by his advisers, Governor Manuitt, whose police forced committed the barbaric killings, as determined by the pro-Chavez dominated National Assembly, was exonerated in private for the good of the revolution and the case has been laid to rest.

But if it is a crime for Robertson to call for the assassination of Hugo Chavez, what can we think of the hundreds of times that Hugo Chávez has threatened us with the “weapons” he has? His own citizens, the people that he is supposed to lead without discrimination were repeatedly threatened on nationwide television with the “arms” and the “weapons” of the revolution. Wasn’t Chávez doing the same thing he is accusing Robertson of, but against millions of his people? Isn’t that threatening a genocide? Should we then impeach him? Try him? Deport him? Get rid of him? After all, Chavez is Government and as such has a higher responsibility than go around threatening and intimidating the citizens of his own country. Which he has done for seven years.

Oh yes, ever since Chavez managed to twist around the results of the referendum he has been showing us the face of the “new” and “gentler” and “nicer” Chavez and his buddy, the murderous Dictator Fidel Castro, but those of us that have seen the hatred in his face, that have felt his threats when he has told us the revolution is armed, will never forget or forgive. Those of us who saw the shameless attacks, killings and injuries of the opposition marchers will never forgive or forget. Those of us that have seen the relentless prosecution of the Government’s enemies when hideous crimes go unnoticed and impune, will always remember. Those of us that daily see the signs and evidence of blatant corruption and exhibition of wealth and power by Government officials with absolute impunity will never pardon them. Those of us that have seen the daily defense of this autocratic regime by servile followers, will always remind those that supported it of their role as direct collaborators. There will be no excuses.

So please Mr. Chavez do not try to tell us you are a nice guy, because you aren’t. You only care about Hugo Chavez, his power and his perks. You have run over your friends and allies at every turn and continue to do so. From that day in 1992 that you brought 200 soldiers to Caracas to participate in the coup, without telling them what they were about to do, to the day that you told the Generals that you had resigned, you have done nothing but show a lack of scruples and an incredible ability to lie and cheat.

So don’t tell me about Mr. Robertson, you are just like him, you only believe in threats and confrontations and if it is needed, you can kill, maim and injure in order to save yourself and the revolution. Robertson probably can’t.

And I can’t help but wonder what that fool Jesse Jackson is doing here. A man that claims to stand against nuclear power visiting you, who is just starting a nuclear program or claiming to be. A man who claimed to stand against militarism, which happens to be your favorite trait and obsession. A man who claims to defend the rights of minorities to vote, a right that you have stepped and trampled over with treachery and tricks. To say nothing of Chavez’ sexist and racist remarks against the highest ranked African American woman ever to hold public office in the US., discussed here. Just because of that, Mr. Jackson, should despise Mr. Chavez. It was offensive to everything you ever stood for and what any decent people should defend.

But I guess that just like Mr. Chavez, the principles of politicians all have a price, I just did not know that Jackson's was so low, just an airplane ride, a fake medal and a few gallons of cheap gas.

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