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Disgruntled youngsters criticize Chavez's 'revolution'

18.08.05 | From Diana, someone who attended the chavista Youth Festival in Caracas (taken from Miguel Octavio's comment section):

I am still in Caracas after the Youth Festival. Read your blog before I came, didn't like it, I disagree with your politics. But, after being here and at the Festival, I can understand you much better. I enjoyed the Festival, the people, the informal discussions. But I did not enjoy the organizers and the organization. Three things bothered me about Chavez and his revolution. Two you mention, one you don't. First, it is too militaristic and it shows. There were military and former military everywhere. Ordering around, not allowing discussions. I also did not like the armed groups I met in the barrios. Also militaristic, not democratic. Then, it is a male dominated system. None of the organizers, leaders, etc. were women, women were always relegated to clerical things. The last thing I did not like is the cult of Chavez. Nothing matters but him. He is the revolution, the rest is irrelevant. I will certainly read your blog differently after my visit (leaving tomorrow), even if we are far apart in our ideas.

Another attendee reported:

The Festival of the Easily-Duped ended last night. I can neither quantify nor isolate the stupidity I have seen this last week in Caracas. Chavez could break wind and stick his head in a bucket of porridge, and still they would cheer. It was a laugh though. I havenít had this much sex since I was a boy scout leader* The only thing that depressed me was the ceaseless chanting. Do not chant under any circumstances. Itís sub-human.

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