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Venezuela's Chavez takes on the region and the "world's youth"

By Aleksander Boyd

London 09.08.05 | The frenzied crowd must have reached climax. There they were before the nouveau Che Guevara who, to the delight of the revolutionary adolescents, shouted "if the US invades Venezuela we'll make'em bite the dust!" Cheap drugs and booze, sex, revolution, anti-imperialist rhetoric coming from Chavez... Effectively a memorable and unique experience not to be missed. The hosting of the 16th World's Youth Festival is a masterstroke, the work of a PR genious. Mind you 16.000 would be apologists are given the chance, whilst fed their life dose of propaganda, to rob shoulders with revolutionary heroes. For Venezuela has become, for some, the last frontier, the ultimate battleground between the forces of evil, read democracy and progress, and mankind's most underrated greatest invention, socialism that is. Never mind the chavista XXI century socialism dish coming in a bed of militaristic authoritarianism marinated in passed the sell-by-date populism.

Thus Hugo Chavez suspends, violating international treaties, cooperation agreements with the DEA. According to revolutionary American sources, whose trustworthiness is beyond any doubt:

"DEA agents in Venezuela have been involved in acts of sabotage, drug trafficking, infiltrations and violations of law intended to reflectpoorly on Venezuela’s international reputation as a fighter ofnarco-trafficking. The reports evidence what has been proven in otherparts of the world, that the Drug Enforcement Agency is used as yetanother political tool of the United States government to promote itsinterests abroad. In the case of Venezuela, evidence demonstrates DEAagents have appropriated illegal drug shipments, bungling Venezuelangovernment efforts to seize and process drug traffickers, and havesabotaged numerous attempts to catch drug smugglers and traffickers.”

In the meanwhile, those in charge of making the most powerful army in the world "bite the dust", i.e. the Venezuelan military traitors sent to lick Fidel Castro's ass, are being entertained by Cuban counterparts.

And to make sure that such an especial occasion will never be forgotten these 'patriots' decided to give a plaque to their patron, dictator Fidel Castro, with the following remarks:

Los oficiales superiores integrantes del Curso de Comando y Estado Mayor XXXIV de la Escuela Superior del Ejercito "Libertador Simón Bolívar" otorganla presente PLACA DE RECONOCIMIENTO al COMANDANTE FIDEL CASTRO RUZ, en sucondición de PADRINO DE NUESTRA PROMOCIÓN y como testimonio de sucontribución a la PAZ, la LIBERTAD y la DEMOCRACIA de los Pueblos.

Thus in testimony of Castro's contribution -not to Cuba's- peace, freedom and democracy they presented him with a Recognition Plaque.

News out of the Ecuadorean frontline are not as comforting: Chavez's protegé Rafael Correa was sacked amidst a scandal of dodgy bond deals and Foreign Secretary Parra Gil seeked to distance himself, at least publicly, from the continental bully. Neighbouring Bolivia has been won already; coca growers' leader Evo Morales is poised to become the next president and then those silly and ungrateful Ecuadoreans will see. Morales' star will undoubtedly be boosted after he managed to stall coca-leaf eradication plans in a meeting with interim president Eduardo Rodriguez.

Sources in the Caribbean report that there's growing discontent towards the Bolivarian regime owing to the manner in which PetroCaribe was sort of forced on them, without prior consultation or negotiation. Adding insult to injury none of the leaders seem comfortable with the idea of having to deal with the imposed new head of PetroCaribe, i.e. the Cuban dictator, who's only inconditional is Chavez. Trinidad & Tobago and Barbados are purportedly leading a quiet revolt against Chavez's invasive policies. Petrotrin certainly does not fancy competition from PDVSA, furthermore the Trinidadian company could be in a much better position to cater for that market considering the state of sheer operational chaos in which PDVSA founds itself at this time. Although Venezuela has diplomatic representation in all of the Caribbean islands the relationship between Caracas and the basin have always been cold and distant due to cultural differences and language barriers. These rumours were confirmed after the Association of Caribbean States meeting in Panama concluded. Rejection to include any more than just references to PetroCaribe in the agenda caused an irate Chavez to cancel his trip at the last minute.

However not all is bad news for Chavez nowadays. Dispatches from Nicaragua are ever so promising.

One thing is certain though, once the youth festival concludes a flood of inane reports will inundate the internet and other media. The chavista propaganda apparatus shall surely become stronger, more diverse and powerful after the revolutionary get together. The scope and reach of a good portion of 16.000 new agents, eager to make their mark, should not be underestimated.

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