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Fidel Castro: the world's oldest terrorist

Editorial from | The Real Cuba

16.07.05 | If you listen to Castro now, when he is asking the US to extradite Luis Posada Carriles to Venezuela, he portrays himself as one of the world's greatest anti-terrorist leaders. But like everything else that has to do with Castro, what he says and what the truth is, are light years apart.

Castro is probably the world's oldest living terrorist. His 26 of July movement used terrorism in his fight against Batista and later, Cuban trained guerrillas have been using terrorism against democratically elected governments in Latin America for more than 46 years.

Members of Castro's 26 of July movement bombed stores, nightclubs and other public places, without caring how many people died or were hurt.

Castro has also trained and equipped Puerto Rican terrorists who have committed hundreds of bombings and other acts of terrorism in Puerto Rico and also in the US. Many of these terrorists are considered fugitives by US authorities and are now living under protection in Cuba.

From an article in Human Events in 1981: "Since 1975, Puerto Rican terrorist groups have perpetrated 260 acts of violence on the island, according to official count. These range from bombings of banks, post offices and U.S. business enterprises to blowing up electric power plants and assaulting military installations and personnel. An estimated 70 or more violent attacks were committed on the mainland during the same period, mostly by the FALN. Federal authorities have revived their investigations into 31 unsolved bombings in New York City alone, based on new information supplied by Alfredo Mendez." ......The "father of the FALN," and in a sense of Puerto Rico's modern terrorist movement, is a 42-year-old Puerto Rican agent of Cuban intelligence who is wanted in Puerto Rico for jumping $2,000 bail, Filiberto Inocencio Ojeda Rios. He founded and led the very first of Puerto Rico's new terrorist groups, the Independent Armed Revolutionary Movement (MIRA), in 1967. MIRA members received training and

arms in Cuba and became operational in early 1969, when they bombed a police station, destroying two police cars, a bank and other enterprises."

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