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The Cuban-Venezuelan alliance: ¿"emancipating neobolivarianism" or the expansion of totalitarianism?

By Hernán Yanes | CADAL.ORG

08.07.05 |ABSTRACT IN ENGLISH | This Document examines some of the previous records, as well as the main ideological principles and the political pragmatism which are part of the new Cuban-Venezuelan alliance, including the continental political axis that Castro and Chávez are trying to consolidate in Latin America, following the lines of a “new strategic map” and the funds mostly coming from the so called oil diplomacy of Hugo Chávez.

Some coincidences are highlighted regarding the Cuban case, related to the methods and sequence used by Hugo Chávez to come to power, adding as well some judging elements on the early stages with the help of Castro’s regime with the leadership of the recently born Movimiento Revolucionario Bolivariano – MBR 200.

In particular, the study explores the multiple dimensions on the current cooperation between the Venezuelan and Cuban regimes, disclosing its true political aims and effect to the interior of their respective countries.

Among other issues, different edges of the agreements between both government are put under consideration, specially those regarding the oil allowance from Venezuela to the Island and some of the proceedings put into practice by the officials of both regimes to cover, for a period of time, the true dimensions of such supply.

In this sense, the connections between chavismo and Cuban Fuerzas Armadas Revolucionarias (FAR) are described, making a special emphasis on the special services of Castro regime.

The objective here is to share some reflections on the role of the current Cuban interference in Venezuela as a factor in the “consolidation” of Chávez regime.

Finally, this Document reviews some of the elements of the agreement in foreign policy between Castro and Chávez, including those aiming to a renewed project of continental subversion.

Read the paper here in Spanish [PDF]

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