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Has the revolution started in Venezuela?

By Aleksander Boyd

London 04.07.05 | Local sources report that students from the University of Carabobo have blocked Av. Bolivar of Valencia demanding the resignation of Isaias Rodriguez, Venezuela's Attorney General. Furthermore students of University Santa Maria's Eastern campus, located in Puerto La Cruz, have also closed the road between the aforementioned city and Barcelona. The assassination last week of university students Leonardo González Lárez, Edgar Quintero Torrealba and Erick Miguel Montenegro Sánchez, by the military police (DIM), has prompted a reaction amongst young Venezuelans, who feel utterly indignant at the lack of justice and sheer abuse of power of the chavista apparatus.

Demands for the resignation of the Attorney General are due to the fact that denounces of human rights violations done by major Jose Baldomero Peña Carrillo, leader of the DIM death squad and second in command of the DIM's investigations department, have been presented before the Attorney's office to no avail. Graver still Peña Carrillo was convicted for fraud and sentenced, in 1.999, to three years in jail, sentence, needs be stressed, he never served. Not only did Peña Carrillo avoid detention, he was promoted twice during this administration.

Will the horrendous killing of innocent students cause a swelling social movement to kick Chavez & his thugs out of office? Ahh one can only hope...

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