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A quick observation to Bob Geldof...

By Aleksander Boyd

London 02.07.05 | I am glued to the TV today watching the Live 8 concert in Hyde Park. Honestly I am simply flabbergasted by the show that Geldoff has put together around the world and today, certainly, is going to go down as a day to remember for generations to come. The forces of peace and goodwill are without a doubt the strongest there are. The issue of world poverty is a serious one and the fact that citizens of privileged countries are committed, at least for one day, to pledge their support for a noble cause such as ending poverty is admirable. However it preoccupies me that none of the interviewees in the course of this memorable event or Geldoff himself seem to have taken into account the responsibility that, at an individual level, very many of the rulers of those poverty stricken countries have with respect to the appalling conditions that affect the lives of millions. Thus my observation to Bob Geldoff, as a citizen of a country where poverty still bears terrible consequences on the lives of the majority, is ask the millions of people participating in today's event and G-8 leaders to held those irresponsible rulers accountable for their actions.

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