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Venezuela: Sumate calls citizens to act upon constitutional rights

By Aleksander Boyd

London 28.06.05 | Yesterday it was a group of lawyers who will challenge the illegal and unconstitutional manner in which the chavista sycophants keep passing laws at the assembly in total and utter disregard to due process. As 'congresswoman' Iris Valera said recently, the opposition "will have to withstand whatever laws the ruling party wishes to pass for they have got majority"; to hell with the rest of the country and the rule of law. Today is the turn of Sumate, which has become the sole voice against the advancement of the totalitarian project of Fidel Castro, err Hugo Chavez.

Sumate's campaign, called "Challenge your Registry", was presented, in a press conference today, to the country by Maria Corina Machado and Ricardo Estevez. Based on articles of the Constitution [51], the Organic Law of Suffrage and Political Participation [95 and 106] and the Organic Law of the Public Administration [8] Sumate urges citizens to formally request before the authorities of their respective voting centres, on an individual basis, information pertaining to own electoral data as denounces of thousands of voters having been migrated to distant polling stations have already been presented against the illegally appointed board of the National Electoral Council.

As election time approaches, one can only hope that democracy loving Venezuelans will indeed have the courage to call the subordinate electoral authorities to task.

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