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Mision Barrio Adentro: Chavez's Revolutionary Achievement

By Aleksander Boyd

London 19.06.05 | Some of the organs of Chavez's propaganda proudly reported that this year only, Mision Barrio Adentro, Chavez's health programme for the poor "Inside the Neighbourhood", has treated 52.282.000 cases. the quote reads:

According to President Hugo Chavez, during his Sunday show, Alo Presidente #225, Mission Barrio Adentro I has treated 52,282,000 cases this year, reaching a grand total of 185,700,000 since the beginning of the program.

Of course one has to be a true brainless revolutionary to take that figure at face value, so allow me to brake it down a little. Since the announcement was made last Sunday (12 of June) I shall assume that one can divide the said figure by 163 days that have come to pass in 2005.

52.282.000 163 = 320.748 cases per day.

Now let us compare that to England's 3.298.000, the benchmark being "Health Visiting" numbers (clients seen) of 2000-2001 provided by the Department of Health, considering also that this country has, according to the latest survey, 49 million people (Venezuela has got 24 million).

52.282.000 24.000.000 = 2.17 [times every single Venezuelan should have been treated in Barrio Adentro in 2005 to reach the 52.282.000 figure].

It seems that not only are the revolutionaries impaired with regards to simple mathematics, furthermore they are utterly stupid and eager to ridicule themselves by making such preposterous statements. On a more serious note, the number of sick people in Venezuela must be a cause for concern for Hugo Chavez, don't you reckon?

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