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Venezuela on the need to elect an independent National Electoral Council

By Veneconomy

17.06.05 | Article 296 of the 1999 Constitution establishes that the National Assembly is the body that is solely responsible for appointing the members of the Electoral Branch of government. It is inconceivable that, five years after the approval of the Constitution, we are still talking of a “transitory regime” and that the National Assembly has still not complied with this mandate.

It is time that the National Assembly elected an independent, autonomous, impartial, nonpartisan electoral body, which is transparent and in which all citizens can take part, as requested by a group of more than 180 citizens and seven NGOs in a communiqué published in the national press. This would be the only way for there to be a free, democratic country. In the revolutionary process that is being implemented in Venezuela, it is becoming increasingly evident that, as in any authoritarian regime, the laws and rules are applied at will and always in favor of who happens to be in power. The concentration of power that the present President of the Republic and Head of State has ensured for himself works in favor of this dictatorial style of government.

The lack of separation between the branches of government, the iron control over the regional governments and PDVSA, and the conspiratorial acquiescence of the Central Bank has resulted in the application of the “law of the funnel” being a daily occurrence. It goes without saying that the wide end is for the government and the narrow one for the rest of humanity.

As far as the present government is concernced, the law is good and the Constitution valid provided they serve to coerce and control companies and citizens, the banks and the media. The law is of use to the Bolivarians when it comes to censoring freedom of expression and confiscating lands, companies, and property.

Unfortunately, neither the laws nor the Constitution are of use to the citizen to enable him to exercise his rights. In the 5th Republic, the powers that be do not hesitate to manipulate the law when it is a matter of extending the regime’s control or perpetuating it in power.

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