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Hugo Chavez's ally in the Netherlands Antilles expelled from government

By Aleksander Boyd

London 21.05.05 | A Vcrisis reader kindly sent this note this morning:

Remember I sent you beginning of the month information about comments of one of the ministers of the Netherlands Antilles in Venezuela ... that ended in a complete government crisis, but not much was translated into English ... but now it is, have a look ....

The consul of Venezuela in Curacao acts as if Mr. Cova is the prime minister ... he was to ill to show up in the office of the governor as well as in the office of the prime minister but he was healthy enough to go for lunch with Mr. Cova ... result, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in The Hague has now asked the Ambassador of Venezuela in The Hague to come and explain ... (foreign relations for the Netherlands Antilles and Aruba are handled by The Hague and not on the islands ....)

The message above is quite telling. Following the link above one can read about Deputy Prime Minister Errol Cova's position "At the time that this newspaper went to press, Cova was still talking, fulminating against the Netherlands, in favor of the revolution, against the colonialism, and against the PAR. I have always fought. I am for the poor. After the elections in January, many colonially faces would disappear from this room. What happened today will make me stronger in the continuation of my fight. Mmm... Where have we heard those words before?

The BBC has got more information:

Maverick Antillean minister removed

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