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Greenpeace Indifferent to Venezuela

By A.M. Mora y Leon | Publius Pundit

11.05.05 | Leftist ecology outfits are basically money-making operations. The more of a stink they can raise on an issue, the more the cash rolls into their coffers. It has nothing to do with merit, only buzz. And the causes they champion are not based on principle but on how leftwing. Ask anyone who’s ever been involved with an NGO racket. Not one of them is normal. They are all sharks. That’s why their biggest causes aren’t necessarily the most objectively serious ones. Greenpeace or an eco-outfit like them will happily harass a Midwestern farmer over a ‘wetland’ (read: swamp) or sandalista away in the trenches to deny critical oil development to an impoverished Inuit or Indigenous community. As Jim Holt adds, they don’t mind what Africans die of, so long as it is not DDT.

But when something really serious is at stake, like a significant anaconda and flamingo preserve about to be turned into a collective farm, they go mysteriously silent when they realize the leftwing credentials of the perpetrator. Which is precisely why Venezuelan dictator Hugo Chavez is confident he can get away with just about anything he’d like in eco-destruction. He’s part of their protection racket. And therefore, he’s protected. But nature itself is on its own.

Alek Boyd has an email conversation with Greenpeace here.

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