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The only invasion taking place in Venezuela is by Cuba

By Ernesto Ecarri | El Universal

Washington/Caracas, 27 April 2005 | A top-level US military official expressed his disappointment following the suspension of the military exchange program with Venezuela at a time when great efforts are being made to reach regional accords in the fight against drugs and the defence of democracy in Latin America.

“Democratic countries do not treat each other in this manner in their military relations. This was a unilateral action which will be executed gradually," reiterated the official, who preferred to remain anonymous.

Nevertheless, the source quoted United States Secretary of Defence, Donald Rumsfeld, who had qualified as “ridiculous” the allegations used by Chávez to justify suspension of military relations between the two countries.

“That business about the photographs is a childhood prank. I'm not even going to dignify it with an answer. That is a story Chávez has for keeping public opinion on the edge" responded the top-level source after commenting on the capture and subsequent release of a female member of the US military who was taking photographs at a military base in Maracay, an event narrated by the Venezuelan ruler during his latest Hello President broadcast.

Cuban Invasion

"The only invasion taking place in Venezuela is by Cubans, who have managed to get into all levels of the Government. Venezuela has surrendered itself" said the United States official, who also stated his opinions relating to the purchase of military equipment.

“Venezuela has embarked upon an huge purchase of weapons and on a restructuring of its society without precedents with an enormous militarization which has no rhyme nor reason.”

Finally, the source pointed out that “it should be a matter of concern for countries in Latin America that Venezuela has backed away unilaterally from Colombia and the United States in the fight against drugs.”

As an example, the official related that they had detected some “overflights which pass over Venezuela, full of arms and drugs bound for Haiti, a nation where South American countries have been trying to find a solution, and Venezuela suddenly says that it is not going to continue cooperating. That is very strange."

Translation by W.K.

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