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Ms Salazar: the USA's Spy caught in Venezuela

By Rodofo Schmidt |

Caracas, 27 April 2005 | Now that we are only a few days away from the materialization of the well-announced invasion by the US Marines, a revelation can be made concerning the identity of the "lady officer of the US Navy [or was it the Army?]" who was photographing the facilities of the fearsome 41st Armored Brigade, stationed in Maracay.

In fact, it is well known that that powerful élite unit is equipped with cutting-edge technology; a bit aged, almost 40 years old, that many of its tanks are neutralized and immobile, due to sabotage committed by contractors of the escuálido opposition, who in the 80's, retrofitted all the AMX’s so as to make them useless for things other than shooting down civilians.

Then, El Único [meaning Chávez] told us that the lady agent was detained by the sleuths of Counter Intelligence (from the Cuban G-2 which, of course, does not operate within Venezuela).

That is the official history, which does not give us any details as to whether the "lady officer" belonged to the "Armada" (meaning the US Navy) or the "Armada" (meaning the US Army).

Of course, El Único was not able to identify her by name, nor was he willing to show us her photograph. Had he done so, he would have divulged a “military secret”, which is a felony and we already know the minute scruples he employs in his strict adherence to law and order.

Thus, without a name and without a face, there was no public introduction, no summary trial, and no firing wall, as befits any self-respecting revolution.

Nor did the Empire [meaning the US] choose to identify its female agent, seeing, as reliable sources stated, that they may have had to resort to this anachronistic method of obtaining intelligence, because satellite surveillance was being blocked by cloudy weather, caused by the “vaguada” [a stalled low-pressure system accompanied by a cold front from the north] caused by a climate change induced by the Empire, so as to remove the regime by barraging it with heavy rains.

That female agent was the itinerant station chief who controlled another group of spies from the North who were detected —also photographing— the refinery at El Palito; the one that can’t manage to produce any gasoline. Certainly this visual documentation is of vital strategic importance for the upcoming asymmetric war, because it would allow the enemy to ascertain why that refinery —before December of 2002— was producing gasoline, and plenty of it, while now all it produces is nothing!

This network of imperialistic spies needs to be complemented by agents from Súmate, Carlos Ayala Corao, Tulio Álvarez, Carlos Blanco, Ibéyise Pacheco, Marianella Salazar, Patricia Poleo, Marta Colomina, José Luis Farías, Pablo Montoya and Rafael Simón Jiménez, et al., who have nothing better to do than to poke their noses into matters relating to State Secrets of the Revolution in order to diminish the masses' love for El Único.

They tell me that they are about to conclude the investigations —by the same team delving into the Anderson Case— which will link the lady spy from the US "Armada" to those involved in the nine attempts to assassinate the head of state, Chavez that is, and which were successfully aborted, according to timely revelations made by El Único himself.

This complex skein of anti-revolutionary conspiracies was organized by the “lady agent from the Armada”, who —they tell me— is none other than the famous “Ms Salazar the Spy”, about whom everybody knows everything, but who nobody knows who she really is.

Some go as far as to claim “she” is really a male. The Empire does the craziest things! Better be on the lookout, and as Tribilín himself said, no time for any shut-eye.

Translation by W.K.

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