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Military Life in Venezuela

By Michael Rowan | El Universal

20.04.05 | The government is preparing for war. The enemy is the United States, which covets Venezuela's oil -as it did Iraq's. An invasion is imminent by the aggressors from the empire. Statements to the contrary by the White House, Pentagon, State Department and Congress are proof of their opposite intentions. The United States has tried and failed many times to assassinate the Venezuelan president and destroy his peaceful and democratic revolution of the people. The military forces are ready to repel the attack, and are on full alert for it. Billions of dollars in new weapons have been purchased. Two million military reserves are being put under arms to defend the nation. The United States and its political leaders are enemies. The enemy is evil incarnate. It is fitting and proper to hate the enemy. Venezuela will destroy the enemy.

This is the astonishing view of Venezuela's leaders today. They are absolutely convinced they see something that fools refuse to see, and conspirators lie about. To them, it is as obvious as the sun rising in the east. Therefore, the government must act to defend national sovereignty. To do so, the society must be fully militarized -thank God, half the job was already done. Yes, certain civil liberties and human rights must be denied, especially to suspected collaborators, spies and terrorists -but every nation at war does such things. As well, certain private properties must be confiscated by the government to prepare for endogenous economic survival if it comes to a long, drawn-out siege, as Cuba has had to suffer. This will be done.

Yes, it is always possible that the expected attack may not be realized. But this will be proof positive that the preparations for defense succeeded at thwarting the enemy, not that the threat was fabricated for another reason such as absolute rule. No U.S. invasion will prove that the Bolivarian revolution's robust military, arms and reserves frightened the Americans away - as Saddam Hussein's Republican Guards failed to do. No U.S. invasion will also be proof that the militarization of life in Venezuela is a great success. Thus the country will need more of it for the years and decades to come - more reserves, more military, more weapons, more military education in the schools, maybe a military youth corps: Why surrender a winning hand against the evil empire?

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