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Re Interview with author Eva Golinger

By Aleksander Boyd

London 09.04.05 | The following letter was sent to the Editor of the Washington Times. It is quite extraordinary to see Golinger's chutzpah, who continues hiding her connections to the Hugo Chavez regime.

Dear Sir/Madam,

It is with great interest that I have read the interview with Eva Golinger regarding her book "The Chavez Code". However I have to take issue with some of her remarks that are demonstrably false. Golinger said she has declassified documents to which the NED and USAID had no access. Should that argument be true, would it be correct to think that Golinger has got some sort of special relationship with the US administration that allows her exclusive rights to declassify top secret documents?

Information about the funds granted to Sumate and other groups was readily available in the public domain, ergo the reasoning that Golinger declassified, already public information, is not only false but ludicrous.

Another interesting point worth mentioning is that Golinger has misrepresented herself in the past, making false public claims about her legal persona and the tax status of an NGO founded and chaired by her (Venezuela Solidarity Committee). A simple request for evidence to support such claims demonstrated that not only was Golinger making fraudulent claims, furthermore she could be involved in tax fraud.

Faithfully yours,

Aleksander Boyd

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