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The nerve of Hugo Chavez' employees

By Aleksander Boyd

London 07.04.05 | It never ceases to amaze me the bloody nerve of Hugo Chavez' yesmen. Martin Austermuhle is, to his own admission, employee of the Embassy of Venezuela in Washington DC, i.e. he's one of the very few holders of the universal truth -with respect to my country- at the service of Hugo Chavez. He also pretends to lecture us about how good it is to have a Castroite failed putschist running our country. Just then he has sent this email:


After looking at the most recent FARA filings you have posted, I believe you should exercise some editorial discretion and remove the addresses of the people working at VIO. While I understand that that is how the documents were delivered to you, I imagine you understand that no one (no matter how much you disagree with them) would want their home addresses made public in such fashion, especially regarding an issue as politically divisive as Venezuela.

Martin Austermuhle

My response:

You have got some nerve Martin. Ask your mates at Vheadline, Axis of Logic and Williambowles to exercise the same respect for people's addresses and contact details. Besides everyone involved in this does it at a huge personal cost. Be mature enough to deal with it.

His reply:

Get me their contact info, and I will happily do so. I have no personal grief with you (unlike Eva), and I firmly believe that this request is being made out of simple respect for people's safety. This is only an issue of maturity insofar as the people having the nerve to publish such private information -- whether you or chavistas.

Public documents should not contain this sort of information to begin with, so I am going to go ahead and inform FARA of their slip-up. I just thought I would let you gain the high ground and act in the best interest of people, who while you may disagree with, are still people meriting some semblance of privacy in their lives.

My reply to you Martin:

I'm affraid I'll have to give a pass to your 'kind offering of letting me gain the high ground'. I could not care less about the 'best interest of people' who wickedly engage in dissemination of political propaganda to harm my country. Said 'people' or your friends from the Venezuela Information Office merit no respect from me. Period. What happened? Did Andres Mateo Jarrin get scared? Couldn't they resort to the 'urgent response team' this time?

Public documents must contain that information, especially in light of the 'revolutionary tasks' assigned to you, and your dear friends, and the connections that the regime you advocate for has got with narcoterrorists and criminals the world over.

Be grateful enough that, unlike certain advocates of the revolution, I don't get aroused by getting personal with this; all I am doing is shedding light on public documents. And please do inform me about your endeavours with the Foreign Agents Registration Unit in regards to hiding the identities and contact details of foreign agents in US soil.

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