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$500.000 budget for the Venezuela Information Office

By Aleksander Boyd

London 24.03.05 | An outstanding collaborator sent me this morning the FARA (Foreign Agent Registration Unit) fillings for the semester ending August 2004 of the Venezuela Information Office (VIO). Half a million dollars were budgeted for the propaganda venture for the period, that is 1.075 billion Bolivares which brings the total to 19 billion Bolivares spent in such activities in Washington by the failed coupster since his election. Readily available evidence notwithstanding the leading interviewee of the fiction drama "the revolution will not be televised", a.k.a. Venezuela's Information Minister Andres Izarra, expressed with much candour that the regime he represents does not pay monies to generate favourable opinions in the US media by way of lobbying practices.

These documents however [] prove otherwise. Filled by VIO's director Isaura Gilmond the report shows the outreach conducted by VIO staff. Nearly all the major US newspapers and information outlets have been contacted by these judges of accurate reporting. Many Congressmen and Senators have also been recipients of propaganda packages. All in all a well organized effort to tilt opinion in favour of the petrocash king, who, through his US oil company, presented a $1.5 million gift to the people of Boston and the United States that prompted Congressman Delahunt to write a nauseatingly fawning article.

It appears that CEPR is seeking to distance itself from the VIO, considering the departure of Robert Naiman. It remains to be seen who the new recruits will be for the next fillings are due by the end of March.

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