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General López Hidalgo: reservists could destroy Venezuela's oil installations

By Aleksander Boyd

London 24.03.05 | General Melvin López Hidalgo, acting secretary of Venezuela's Security and Defence Council, said on March 22 that a million strong army of reservists is being formed in the country with the aim of defending it against an eventual US invasion. He expressed that the new army would be prepared in less than a year to confront enemies in the fourth type of conflicts or assymetric wars. The said army shall not be subject to orders emanated from the National Armed Forces of Venezuela (FAN). Furthermore he expressed "it won't be a parallel nor a presidential militia but rather the strategic reservists army, it won't depend on the FAN nor will it operate within it; instead it shall be the country's, spread across the territory, it will train and act where the reservists live and work in order to defend or destroy the oil rigs in case of invasion".

His declarations rang a cord. Was not Saddamm Hussein the one who ordered the destruction of oil rigs and other installations prior to the Gulf War? Further, how come these wildly imaginary actions will in any case benefit Venezuela's disenfranchised? Did the Iraqies benefited from similar undertakings? Is any opposition figure on the record making such claims? Who incites violence? Who is in a weapon's spending spree?

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