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Author of 'World Peace' sends fan mail

By Aleksander Boyd

London 21.03.05 | I just got fan mail from a Alison Shunstrom, author, to her own admission, of a book called 'World Peace'. This peace-loving, advocate of family values sent the following [original text]:

"Too bad rice and your followers you are a nasty ugly black piece of trash and for the bus you should not even be on it you should of been grateful maybe you should go back to th ecotton fields better yet if you dont like it WHY DONT YOU ALL GO BACK TO AFRICA TO YOUR MONKEYS TO YOUR OWN TYPE. rice dont ever think that Mr. Chavez would ask you that you ugly trashy big mouth low bush lover you and bush make a match. The joke that you got from Mr. Chavez is the closest remark that you would ever recieve and you should be on your knees thanking him.Don't like the truth.....remember .......FREEDOM OF SPEECH YOU BLACK PEOPLE RUN THROUGH LIFE WITH ALL OF YOUR>>>>>>SO CALLED RIGHTS? and your not any where near a native american ha?"


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She then send this other message:

"I am going to do you a favor for those who are against Mr. Chavez and are for the USA. Please go to Hastings book store in Victoria Texas and pick up a book titled World Peace, Author Alison Yvonne Shunstrom this book will educate you of the real truth behind being an American if you cannot make it there or order it you can order one through me,"

I guess book sales aren't going that well... Anyway, since I'm quite bored at this moment I replied to her [excerpt from the article linked above]:

"I cannot emphasize enough how important it is for every parent out there to take full responsibility to bring up your children with the importance of human kindness and love and respect. Those are the No. 1 priorities, and slowly the U.S.A. is losing most of our family values" [end of quote]

Is the message below the sort of language you are teaching your children? Your hatred is typical of those who support Chavez and since you admire him so much here's a recommendation for you & family: pack your stuff and move down to Venezuela to live the revolution. Don't dare to tell me what's best for my country".

Her response:

"you see I am a native American so I have rights to be here most of you have invaded our land so you are the one who should go back and don't ever say any thing about my children or myself....oh yah you are in with bush and the USA so you think you can say things and then run and hide ....... COWARDS ................I will say and do what ever I please and if you or any one else can stop me well I guess at that point I would no longer exist here on earth I unlike you or these typical ignorant ungrateful people take myself and my children's life as the main importance so any dealings or any threats to me is taken very serious as our lives depended on it unlike you and the rest where the only importance.So please go read the book and educate yourself and your futures".

This impasse is indicative of the sheer hatred that consumes the non-Venezuelan philochavistas who are absolutely convinced that they know better than ourselves what's good for us Venezuelans. How can one begin to reason with such fanatics? To attain what objective?

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