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Chavez Threatening US - Again

By Sir George | The Anti-Idiotarian Rottweiler

16.03.05 | I've refrained thus far from posting about Hugo Chavez, the macho Mussolini wannabe who matches Benito's blustering buffoonery. Of all the dysfunctional Latin American leaders only Chavez matches the vapid scope of Mussolini's flaky politics, along with the paranoid and shallow vindictiveness that underlies all such self-important nobodies. Our least favorite Venezuelan Che Guerva fan club member has been cutting deals with his fellow petty tyrants from all over the world to fund Venezuela's new Oil-for-Weapons programs. He's desperately trying to unite Libya, Iran, France and a host of other nefarious actors against the United States, the only country that just might stomp both him and his inchoate Fascist dreams.

Chavez, who by the way has the Jimmy Carter Seal-Of-Approval on his recall referendum, founded the political party "The Movement for the Fifth Republic". For some reason they dropped the word "bowel" from the party's name, but it otherwise reminds us that he aspires to be French. Yet his politics harken back to the glory days of the Marxist revisionists in Italy and Germany, hollering about US imperialism while buying off the public with rigged land grants (the land he gives the poor isn't legally sellable, and thus worth nothing more than plots for sharecroppers). He relies on rule by decree, paranoid conspiracies, and declaring judicial and legislative emergencies to get his way. I must ask how, aside from giving birth and finally power to this former paratrooper, could Venezuela even have an emergency? It all just makes you wish a chute rigger had been drunk that one day…

In any coming battle between the US of A and Chavez's ego, as ruler of a South American country with a massive seacoast, richly amenable to both blockade and invasion, you can bet the losers will be the Venezuelans. You might think Chavez wouldn't possibly be stupid enough to bring about such an outcome, but then never underestimate the stupidity of Fascist egomaniacs. As one astute old German noted at the beginning of WW-II, Germany will lose the war because Hitler is a gambler - and gamblers always play till they lose. Chavez will keep poking at us till he lands one in our eye, and then he'll collapse like all three-foot tall bullies and two-bit megalomaniacs. He'll probably end up living in Cuba and showing up at revolutionary communist rallies like a one-episode red-shirt haunting Star Trek conventions.

For his latest ravings check out this Washington Post Article. I also love reading the Vcrisis for tirades like this. I should've posted on him long ago but I was afraid to draw the ire of the Professional Buffoon's Union, a group that's irate with the worthless hack for cheapening the term.

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