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Venezuela: the two soldiers burnt died of their injury

By Daniel Duquenal | Venezuela News and Views

14.03.05 | Death visited army barracks again. The soldiers burnt in detention cell died this morning. The defense minister promised full inquiry. Just as Chavez promised the country one year ago after the Fort Mara burnt soldiers. We will of course never know the truth.

What I wrote in my previous post still stands. In a military regime, the army is untouchable, unless a convinient scapegoat can be found. We are testing this again and the result is only too predictable.

Commentary by Alek Boyd

A year ago a similar event ocurred and Venezuela's Minister of Defence Jorge Garcia Carneiro promised that he would personally see that a thorough investigation would be conducted. The result of that 'minute investigation' was the imprisonment of General Francisco Uson. Now in light of the recent legal and political 'developments' in Venezuela what truly amazes me is that, so late in the game, presumably right-thinking people get shocked by these violations. They have failed miserably to understand that the neofascist regime of Hugo Chavez could not care less about human rights violations for it is modelled in a Castroite system of governance that proudly sports one of the world's most appalling records of human rights abuses. Wakey wakey people, time to smell the coffee and stroll down to the beach to take a prolonged swim in the sea of happiness...

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