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Carter Center's Jennifer McCoy to visit Venezuela

By Alekander Boyd

London 23.02.05 | Shocked by the Carter Center's imprimatur of last August I managed to engage in an e-conversation with Jennifer McCoy vis--vis the sheer negligence that characterized their 'electoral observation mission' in Venezuela. As admitted by her, the Carter Center (CC) never had any control over the scrutiny processes that ensued the recall referendum but it did have the nerve to endorse the results of the election. Furthermore, the CC's validation of results was vox populi in international circles, as I was made aware of by BBC journalists prior to Jimmy Carter / Cesar Gaviria press conference in Caracas on Monday August 16.

Venezuelans, 25 million of them, will have to bear the consequences of the negligent and utterly irresponsible actions of Jimmy Carter and his 'center' for years to come and Jennifer McCoy, as integral part of it, must be equally despised by freedom and democracy loving Venezuelans. I have come to learn that McCoy will visit Venezuela in the company of Francisco Diez. It is quite hard to explain my feelings in that respect although I can wholeheartedly say that I wish they had a minimum of decency and respect for the people they so earnestly had condemned to the miserablest of futures. Mind you not only did the CC help destroy Venezuela's democracy and future, now they want to give us the coup de grace; they want to make sure that their buddy Chavez is doing good and taking care of the situation properly. What an affront.

Degenerated people are must definitely not the exclusive province of Venezuela; they are to be found also in 'waging peace - fighting disease - building hope' pseudo human rights organizations.

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