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Take 3 on Venezuela's Hugo Chavez

By Aleksander Boyd

London 08.02.05 | Much to the discomfort of the official propaganda apparatus of Hugo Chavez, FOX News have reported from Venezuela three video clips that portray the Venezuelan president in its true light. The latest is pretty accurate [Windows media player]. That he is modeling the system of governance after Fidel Castro's there is no doubt; proof that he is fostering, aiding and abetting with narcoterrorists are evident, in view of the latest arrest of FARC leader Rodrigo Granda in Caracas; there should not be any doubts, either, with respect to his intentions to export his 'revolution', just look at the sudden purchase of Russian war weaponry.

In sum, as we have been alerting all along, the man is up to no good. Instead of explaining Chavez' absurd policies his supporters have started with the standard procedure for these cases; i.e. to shoot the messenger. What a crass error that is turning out to be for the more they defend their leader, without tackling the root of the issues denounced, the more obvious it becomes that, indeed, Chavez is a menace and has to be dealt with as such. On January 20th the Colombian government handed in detailed information related to narcoterrorists and their activities in Venezuela and to this day all we have heard about is disqualifications of the intelligence provided by high Venezuelan officials. Is that the reaction that ought to be expected from a government that alleges to have no connections with terrorism?

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