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Breaking News Venezuela: house of journalist raided [update 3]

By Aleksander Boyd

London 28.01.05 | This is an evolving post. Venezuelan sources report that the house of journalist Patricia Poleo, located in La Floresta neighbourhood in Caracas, is being raided this morning by the police. It has been reported that Poleo is on her own in the house, her lawyers have not arrived yet.

Poleo is one of the most outspoken journalist of Venezuela, having denounced very many cases of human rights violations and corruption of the Hugo Chavez administration.

First update It is believed that such action has been prompted owing to the wealth of information revealed by Poleo with respect to the assassination of prosecutor Danilo Anderson. Worth noting that evidence of high official involvement in the killing is mounting.

Second update 16:27GMT Prosecutor Alejandro Castillo, conducting the raid, wanted to confiscate hard drives and other data storing devices without prior revision. Allegedly Prosecutor Castillo is carrying a pen drive, which could be used to download new data into Poleo's computers.

Third update16:47GMT. Prosecutor Alejandro Castillo refused to speak with Assemblyman Oscar Perez further ordering the investigative police (CICPC), present in Poleo's house, to take Deputy Perez away by force. Prosecutor Castillo expressed that immunity towards Assemblymen is only to be observed whilst they are sessioning in the National Assembly. CICPC officers ignored Castillo's order.

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