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Breaking News Venezuela: Chavez breaks with Colombia over FARC affair

By Aleksander Boyd

London 14.01.05 | Hugo Chavez, the greatest pariah ever to govern our nation, has just frozen diplomatic and trade relations with Colombia. The embarrassing thing for us decent Venezuelans is the reason for this breakage, i.e. the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC). Rodrigo Granda, FARC leader, was captured in Caracas by bounty hunters, when he was attending, as guest of honour, a Bolivarian celebration organized by the government of Venezuela. The Chavez regime then incurred in a series of mishaps, distortions and outright lies to cover its cosy relationship with the terrorist, who happened to have been naturalized in one of these 'wonderful social missions' that Chavez has invented. It turns out that the government of Alvaro Uribe, which is waging an open war against terrorism and the drug industry, put a price on Granda's head knowing that he was in Venezuela and someone took the bait and delivered the terrorist leader wrapped in gift paper. How any sensible head of State would have reacted to such wonderful news? Probably by congratulating whoever captured the outlaw whilst commissioning an investigation into all aspects of the issue. What does Hugo Chavez do? He freezes trade relations with Venezuela's second largest commercial partner. Quite obviously for Chavez the provision of a safe haven to international terrorists tops the agenda.

In the meanwhile the FT, The Economist, The Washington Post and The Washington Times have published realistic articles about the 'Bolivarian Land Reform' and Chavez' democratic credentials. The truth is finally out.

As a true Venezuelan patriot I say; "President Uribe, please keep offering money to those bounty hunters for there are plenty of terrorists to be captured in my country".

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