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Venezuela: The Final Stages

By Val Prieto | Babalu Blog

One: Convince the have nots that the haves are evil.
Two: Decry the evils of foreigners.
Three: Manipulate an election.
Four: Nationalize all media sources.

And the fifth stage: Expropriations.

Looks like fidel castro's dream has finally been realized. He has managed to export his revolution.

Hugo Chavez has gone by the book in beginning the end of Venezuela. Although I must confess that I have not followed the events in that country meticulously - I haven't been able to stomach the destruction of another country by way of Cuba's example - Venezuela is slowly sinking down the hell hole of communism.

Scott wrote about Venezuelan bloggers being harrassed and quite possibly encarcerated through recently enacted laws making dissent and criticism of the government and Chavez illegal.

Just yesterday I received this link from A. M. Mora y Leon of the American Thinker.

Chavez orders Venezuela land title revision.

Hugo Chávez, Venezuela's president, on Monday ordered a nationwide revision of land titles in an attempt to regulate an expanding but thus far chaotic programme of land redistribution.

Since coming to power six years ago, Mr Chávez has promised to carry out an agrarian reform as part of his self-styled “revolution”. Yet in spite of a surge of land invasions, an official plan is only now being developed.

Landowners are now required to give up a percentage of their land to the people. Agrarian reform. The same agrarian reform that castro implemented in the early sixties in Cuba that ended up being catastrophic for the country's economy. This agrarian reform was Che's brainchild. Which is perhaps why the expropriators in Venezuela are donning Che Guevara shirts.

Under orders from the pro-Chávez governor of the province of Cojedes, 200km west of Venezuela's capital, Caracas, about 200 troops accompanied a commission tasked, in theory, with evaluating the estate's productivity. Rafael Alemán, head of the commission in the Cojedes province, said it would determine within 90 days which areas of the estate were genuinely productive.

“Landowners have nothing to fear if it's their property and it's productive,” said Mr Alemán, sporting a T-shirt with an image of Che Guevara, Latin America's revolutionary icon.

There is but one stage left to accomplish the ruination of Venezuela. The nationalization of all banks, and the usurping of all funds in said banks for the good of the people. For the good of the revolution. Che's coup de grace.

If the master plan is followed, forty years from now, despite its rich reserves in oil and rich agriculture, Venezuela will be a nation with a deteriorated infrastructure and a population living almost in squallor. Venezuela is and will be another Cuba, failed revolution and all.

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