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Timeline of Rodrigo Granda’s mythical stay (or not) in Venezuela

By Miguel Octavio

Aug. 11. 2002. The second in  command of the Venezuelan intelligence police shows up at the airport to allow Granda’s wife and daughter to enter the country, under orders from the then Minister of Interior and Justice Rodriguez Chacin. Reportedly Granda showed up too.


Nov. 13 2002. Colombian President Uribe warns Chavez that he will enter Venezuela if any Venezuelan Government official was found to be protecting a leader of the Colombian revolutionary Armed Forces (FARC)


Dec. 15th. Colombian Police announces that FARC Foreign Minister Rodrigo Granda was captured in a city near the border with Venezuela.


Dec. 17th. 2004. El Universal reports Rodrigo Granda was actually captured in Venezuela.


Dec. 23th. 2004 It is confirmed that Rodrigo Granda was captured in Venezuela, by Venezuelan police and taken to Colombia.


Dec. 29th. Minister of Interior and Justice Chacon: Venezuelan Government investigating whether Granda was really in Venezuela and was detained on Dec. 15th.


Jan. 4th. 2004 The FARC says Granda was kidnapped in Venezuela as he was attending the II Bolivarian Congress of the People.


Jan 5th.  Minister of Interior and Justice says there is no record neither in the consulates, nor in the identification office of Rodrigo Granda ever entering the country legally. This is repeated by other Government officials. The Minister says “someone” was kidnapped that day, but they don’t know who.


Jan. 6th. Pro-Chavez Deputy denies saying that Granda lived in Venezuela.


Jan 7th. Minister of Interior Chacon says there is unequivocal proof that Granda was kidnapped in Caracas.


Jan. 7th. Granda’s lawyer ratifies he is nationalized Venezuelan and participated in local Congress.


Jan. 8th. Spokesman for FARC says Granda was able to move freely in Venezuela.


Jan. 8th. Former President of Congress says Granda was given the Venezuelan nationality last summer by the identification office. (The same one that told the Minister he had never been in Venezuela three days earlier)


Jan. 9th. Colombian reporter says he was with Granda right before he was kidnapped in Caracas.


Jan. 9th. President Chavez admits Granda was kidnapped in Venezuela and was nationalized Venezuelan.


Today [10/01.05]: The President of the Assembly says that Colombia knew Granda was here. Colombia says it has not violated Venezuelan territory. Chavez insists Granda was kidnapped in Venezuela. Attorney General begins investigating how Granda was captured and how he obtained the Venezuelan nationality. Chavez’ party MVR says Granda’s case is being used to murk up Venezuelan/Colombian relations.


Reminds you of Who is on first, What’s on second base and I don’t know is on third by Abbot and Costello.

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