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Breaking News Venezuela: Armed Forces and police to seize British ranch

Editorial | El Universal

05.01.05 | "El Charcote," a cattle ranch owned by the British Vestey Group, is to be seized on Saturday "with state machinery, to settle a first group of men participating in the Mission Land and Mission Free Men," said Alexis Ortiz, solicitor general of rich farmland Cojedes State.

After a meeting at the Executive Vice President's Office, he explained that the move is to be supported by "the National Armed Forces and local police corps, as well as officials from Governor Johnny YŠnez Rangel's Office."

"We are currently making the first steps and flying over the ranch to determine the areas of operation. In this way, we are going to determine the number of people that to participate in the operation," Ortiz added.

The intention is "to put order in chaos." According to Ortiz, the ranch has an approximate surface of 13,000 hectares, with 3,500 hectares belonging to the state. Nevertheless, all of the estate will be seized, "because we want to know its present conditions."

"We do not have anything to communicate to the British Embassy. The only territories deemed a part of such country are its diplomatic premises and consulates. And, since we are not intervening any of these buildings, there is nothing to advise."

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