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Eating their own in Venezuela: The Chavez Praying Mantis effect strikes again

By Miguel Octavio

05.01.05 | Minister of Interior and Justice Jesse Chacon: "We do not rule out that assassinated Prosecutor was part of an extortion ring".

From hero to suspected criminal in less than two months

- Minister of Agriculture, Arnoldo Marquez: "The British owners of the large estate El Charcote have not been able to demonstrate they own the land. The documents are not guarantee that the land is private property, but that they belong to the Agrarian Institute or the Land Institute".

There goes the VPís promise to the British Government to respect their property.

- General Oswaldo Bracho: "The Bolivarian Liberation front, which backs Chavez, is s subversive and terrorist group devoted to kidnapping, extortion and drug trafficking, it has to be exterminated as soon as possible".

This group, once praised by Chavez, has been in operation for six years with impunity, what happened?

- Jesse Chacon again: "The police have yet to determine if the 'Foreign Minister' of the Colombian FARC was kidnapped in Caracas or not. The investigations lead us to suppose that in the crime (the kidnapping) two people participated and we are trying to determine if Government security officers participated and if the person kidnapped was indeed Mr. Granda".

Well, this is not an accusation by the opposition. This is an accusation by Mr. Granda and the FARC themselves who said that he was in Caracas to participate in the II Congress of the Bolivarian People that was held in Caracas. The FARC claim Mr. Granda was invited by Bolivarian institutions which were known by the Venezuelan Government. No way to treat your guests, friends and supporters!

- The wife of one of those accused of participating in the killing of Danilo Anderson, Armando Guevara, was fired as a Prosecutor. This despite the fact that there has been no conviction or even direct evidence presented. She was not suspended; she was fired after 16 years in the Prosecutors office.

The Guevara brothers, accused of the assassination, were hired by the VPís son to set up a special intelligence police in his municipality two years ago. Are they also going to go against him?

You can spin the news for so long, but eventually it catches up with you.

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