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What was the FARC leader doing in Venezuela?

By Aleksander Boyd

London 05.01.05 | The answer is, he was a guest of honour of the Bolivarian encounter of intellectuals organized, hosted and sponsored by the administration of Hugo Chavez. That’s right folks; Hugo Chavez cuddles with and invites international terrorists at the taxpayer’s expense, although this is not the first time his criminal and clumsy actions are spoilt by respectable police forces. Just to refresh public memory:

Remember Montesinos’ 'arrest' in Caracas? Costa Rican authorities would later reveal that a man fitting his description entered their country using a false Venezuelan passport under the name Manuel Antonio Rodriguez. But Venezuela's Foreign Ministry says it had no record of anyone entering the country under that name, or Vladimiro Montesinos for that matter. It adds that Venezuela would "immediately" deport Montesinos to Peru if he were found. There are, however, those who say that the Venezuelan Government may know more than it is prepared to admit, pointing out that Venezuela is an ideal hiding place for someone in Montesinos' situation. "He's got money, and in Venezuela anything's for sale if you know the right people," says Dennis Jett, a former US Ambassador to Peru who met Montesinos on several occasions at official functions. Peruvian officials have, moreover, openly expressed their suspicions that the Venezuelan Government of Hugo Chavez, a former coup leader with close ties to Peru's military, is protecting Montesinos. Chavez's credentials add weight to these claims, for he has made a habit of shocking his neighbours. Significantly, links between Chavez's Venezuela and Peru go back at least to 1992. Peruvian investigators believe that Montesinos is being protected as a return favour by several former Venezuelan military officers who fled to Peru after a failed coup attempt by Chavez followers that year. The group was given asylum and lived for two years in comfortable exile at the expense of the Peruvian Government. Peruvian officials were further convinced of Montesinos's whereabouts after an employee at the Caracas clinic of a plastic surgeon described seeing a man resembling Montesinos. His presence was confirmed when photographs of Montesinos taken before the surgery were leaked to a newspaper in Caracas. | Biggest heist in history... David Adams, May 3, 2001, Thursday. The Times (London)

Minister of Interior Jessy Chacon has said that Venezuelan police did not have anything to do with the arrest (isn’t that what they said about Montesinos?); of course they didn’t, they spend their days massacring innocents, just as they did with lawyer Antonio Lopez Castillo!! The neofascist regime of course wants to divorce itself from this issue. As an oddity, the international media has picked up on it and hopefully its consequences will serve to dismantle once and for all the bespoke multimillion dollar ‘democratic image’ of Chavez. And if someone has still any doubts as to the moral fibber of the supporters of Hugo Chavez, please read what other guests of honour of his have to say with respect to the arrest of Ricardo Granda:

“We are surprised to learn that DISIP security forces have been actively involved with their Colombian counterparts in the detention of Rodrigo Granda, a.k.a. Ricardo Gonzalez, member of the foreign relations team of the FARC. According to reputable sources, Granda was arrested in Caracas on December 13 2004 and taken to DISIP headquarters. Hours later he was taken to Colombia in the trunk of a car where he got ‘officially’ captured. No proper administrative or judicial processes were in place, in what constitutes clear violation to current Venezuelan and international laws”.

Oops the arrest of a criminal guerrilla leader (hundreds of deaths, gross human rights violations and arbitrary arrests notwithstanding) brought the realisation, upon these self appointed group of ‘intellectuals’, that justice and the Rule of Law are not observed in Venezuela; what an extraordinary awakening that most have been!!

Blaming the US and the past Venezuelan political establishment, arguing that the arrest was made in cooperation with American agents and corrupt members of Venezuela’s political police DISIP, popular organizations of Catia expressed:

With deep indignation we must denounce the kidnapping of the Colombian political leader Ricardo Granda Escobar, who being in Venezuela, participated actively in the recent Bolivarian Congress of Peoples, in which he met with important leaders of the continent and Europe, among others with: Literature Nobel price winner Jose Saramago, Peace Nobel prize winner Adolfo Perez Esquivel, with the Nicaraguan leaders Tomas Borjes and Daniel Ortega, with the Salvadoran leader Shafick Handall and with the Deputy of the National Assembly of Venezuela Amarelis Perez Marcano, member of the Organizing Committee of the Congress and Fernando Bossi, General Coordinator of the event. Granda took active part in public meetings in the city of Maturín, Monagas.

To conclude, I must say that I am extremely happy. Happy because this issue demonstrates, beyond reasonable doubt, that indeed Hugo Chavez is in bed with terrorists; happy because no one believes in this wild conspiracy theory of US agents and corrupt DISIP officers controlled by old rulers for everyone knows that Chavez is the only voice of command in today’s Venezuela; happy because it has been demonstrated that the Bolivarian events are nothing but a gathering of criminals; happy because it shows the partisan character of our police forces (tough on the opposition but gentle on international terrorists); happy because the news are propagating rapidly; happy because this event may cause a rift between FARC and Chavez, the consequences of which are yet to be seen; happy because the leftist intelligentsia’s love affair with terrorists has been exposed; happy because from now on I will be able to destroy the arguments put forth by the Weisbrots and Golingers of this world just by reminding them that they support a regime who has deep connections with terrorism; and happy because maybe the international community is finally going to start understanding the real dimension of the drama that my country is going through.

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