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FARC & Venezuela's Chavez: divorce ahead?

By Aleksander Boyd

London 04.01.05 | My astonishment with respect to the arrest of FARC leader Ricardo Granda in Caracas continues to grow, not because Granda was in Caracas as a guest of honour of Hugo Chavez but rather due to the outlandish nerve of the FARC in condemning Chavez via public communiqués. Mind you what sort of moral stance a bunch of assassins have to be claiming anything to anyone? Their rights to claim were forfeited the moment they decided to start killing innocent peasants to achieve whatever goal they set out to reach. What's more, according to UN reports 1 million Colombians have been displaced owing to the guerrilla conflict, although unofficial guestimates place the figure in 3 million, yet these wretched guerrillas 'denounce' the arrest of one its leaders.

Now even more striking is the connection between Hugo Chavez and the FARC. How does one go about inviting a top guerrilla leader for a séance? Does Fidelito have a red phone, with a direct line to the seat of guerrilla power in the 'Mountains of Colombia' somewhere in Miraflores, or is it via snail mail that he sends invitations? To which letterbox, and by whom, are these invitations delivered? Is it via email perhaps?, which happens to share servers, office space and staff with, is purportedly a grassroots’ website financed by the Chavez regime. Why on earth have they posted the communiqué of the FARC and for what purpose? What do chavista grassroots movements in Venezuela have to do with Colombian guerrillas, such as the FARC?

Granda's arrest demonstrates, beyond any doubt, that Hugo Chavez has a very close relationship with the FARC, to the point where the FARC feels that it has the right to reprimand Chavez for his negligence. Granda was in Caracas to assist to the Bolivarian meeting of 'intellectuals'. A quick look at the guest list of said event evidences what sort of 'project' has Chavez in mind for Venezuela and the region. After reading the chavista version of the "Great Leap Forward" one must question the integrity of the international fan base of Chavez and democratic authorities the world over would be best advised if they start investigating thoroughly the connections between the leftist intelligentsia and terrorism.

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