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FARC comdemns arrest of leader in Venezuela

By Aleksander Boyd

London 03.01.05 | Undoubtedly internet is the true revolution, so much so that a bunch of assassins, otherwise known as the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC), have their own website where they post communiqués and other stuff. During last December's meeting in Caracas of guerrilla fighters, leftist talebans and revolutionaries, Ricardo Granda a.k.a FARC's 'foreign secretary' was arrested by Colombian police forces and whisked to Colombia. FARC leaders weren't amused by the operation and have released a communiqué criticising comrade Hugo for lack of protective measures towards such honourable guests.

These guerrilla fighters must truly enjoy to crack bad jokes to people. Only yesterday it was reported that FARC have massacred 16 peasants in the village of Puerto San Salvador, yet also yesterday they had the inhumane nerve to condemn the arrest of one of his members while invited to participate in an 'intellectual encounter' sponsored by Fidelito. Of course the condemnation came with a string of accusatory remarks against the usual suspects, i.e. corrupt Venezuelan police officers controlled by the rancid oligarchy and imperialist hawks.

The lessons to be learned from this issue are quite important:

1) when hunting down Colombian assassins, or terrorist suspects from any other nation, take a stroll down to Caracas, especially if there is a Bolivarian event going on;

2) don't worry about adventuring into dangerous territory for the police forces in Caracas, or Venezuela for that matter, are so utterly useless that international terrorists can be taken away from under their noses;

3) take notice of the sort of guests attending Bolivarian celebrations;

4) Wladimiro Montesinos' capture, now Ricardo Granda, mind you what sort of people hangs around with and gets invitations from Chavez?

5) Note also FARC's condemnation to the assassination of 'incorruptible' Danilo Anderson and compare it with the chavista party line...

6) Could someone please investigate and follow the links between the webmasters, company that provides hosting services and terrorists?

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