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US Political Attacks on Venezuela Continue, part II

By Aleksander Boyd

London 24.12.04 | Not even Christmas day is free from encountering cheap propagandistic articles favouring Fidel's alter ego. The author of the latest piece is the infallible Mark Weisbrot; the very same man who admitted to Kevin Bogardus that whenever it comes to shop around for information with respect to Venezuela, he relies on the Venezuela Information Office (VIO) in D.C.; the very same 'Ph D' who lied unashamedly about the existence of a Circular, that was purportedly distributed by Venezuela's Electoral Council (CNE) to regional directors thus 'armour-platting' the illegal decision of the CNE of rejecting close to 1.000.000 valid signatures to trigger the recall referendum; the same individual who went to the US Senate and brazenly repeated, yet again, the distorted and false line of arguments produced by the VIO; is not that the US continues to 'attack politically' Hugo Chavez, but rather that mainstream US media is slowly discovering the harsh Venezuelan reality and calling things accordingly.

How can any right thinking person take Weisbrot seriously, considering that he is but part of the "urgent action team" set up by the VIO to counteract unfavourable press?

Weisbrot is already defeated when he argues "So expect to hear a lot of criticism of Venezuela in the next few years -- much of it exaggerated, dishonest, and false". In whom shall we deposit our trust vis--vis Venezuela's information then, with Weisbrot or with the paid advocates, friends of his, of the VIO? I, as someone certainly more knowledgeable about the crisis of my country than the hired Weisbrots of this world, can tell that whatever the US media publishes with respect to Venezuela is not as half as bad as reality. Check out the blogs of the left hand side of this site and then hover onto the latest human rights report by Provea on the right hand side. Surely readers will never find out about such issues reading Weisbrot's propaganda.

Oh mate, that LA Times editorial hurt and it hurt bad, feel the burn baby!!

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