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Venezuela: the noose tightens

By A.M. Mora y Leon | The American Thinker

17.12.04 | Not a day goes by without another aspect of personal freedom being revoked in Venezuela. The twisted rope around lady liberty's neck today targets freedom of movement. Venezuela's communist authorities have arbitrarily shut down the main private airport near Caracas, known as 'La Carlota,' in the name of the ... noise control. How PC. And without warning, they've closed international customs operations at six other private airports, effectively ending any flights out of the country unless they go through a state-sponsored airport. All to "meet standards," an official says.

Soon, the government will choose who can and cannot leave the country. Already I have learned of Venezuelans reporting problems in getting passports, either because they signed the recall referendum petition against dictator Hugo Chavez, or because they cannot front the hefty bribes required to get the documents in their hands. Cutting off freedom of movement so soon since Chavez has consolidated power last Oct. 31 is an ominous sign of more cubanization coming to this formerly free country. Only Cuba controls the movement of its people more thoroughly than this.

And the intentions of these measures are clear enough to people in Caracas. One Venezuelan tells me: "Exit possibilities diminish while control increases. The noose tightens."

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