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Bloggers get their own Tony

By Daniel Duquenal

03.12.04 | For some strange reason this blog has been nominated for the “Best Latino, Caribbean and South American blog”. I am surprised that I made the cut for a recognition that I did not even know existed. I was even more surprised that Miguel, or Alek were not in the list (other good Venezuelan blogs are in Spanish and thus cannot qualify, I suspect). Having been working so assiduously on this blog for so long is in large part due to their example as they started before I did and kept going on strong. They should be ahead of me in any contest.

But so it is and this page is the one running. Considering how much Venezuela needs exposure let’s be happy that at least one of us made the cut.

In the run, there seems to be only two blogs properly from South America. Two are from the Caribbean, and the rest seem to be written from the US.

Whether you want to vote for this blog (after all it does promote Venezuela even if not all agree on this kind of promotion), you can still visit the site and check the nominees as it will be a review of so many interesting blogs around the world, in so many different categories. A fun experience by itself. You also get to vote once a day (they seem to control better their voting system than the Venezuelan CNE where some folks seem to vote several times a day). And if you dislike this blog you can still go and vote for the other guys to make sure they beat me, though you will find that I am probably one of the most liberal ones listed there! After all being anti Chavez does not mean, contrary to popular belief, that one is a conservative: we come from all sides but we are all real democrats, suffering from allergies to any autocrat that crosses our path.

Thus you can vote here, everyday if you please, until December 12.

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