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Venezuela: Bustillos still missing, Molina to face military ‘justice’.

By Aleksander Boyd

London 01.12.04 | Silvino Bustillos was kidnapped on October 31 2004, tortured and beaten to death according to journalist Manuel Isidro Molina. The regime did not appreciate Molina’s commentary. Members of the intelligence division followed Bustillos that day. Minister of Defence Julio Garcia Carneiro said that the lieutenant in charge of the commission which followed Bustillos assured him that they did not kidnap him, but rather were chasing after him due to a revolt caused by Bustillos at the voting centre where he cast his vote that day.

Minister Garcia Carneiro said that his ministry would go to extraordinary lengths to uncover the truth about the Bustillos case. Minister of Information Andres Izarra reported that Bustillos was not missing but partying somewhere. It was announced with great fanfare by the regime that Bustillos had appeared in Valencia, to where he had run to hide after the chase. In this respect purportedly a sister of Bustillos called the latter’s lawyer to inform him about Bustillos whereabouts.

Mrs Bustillos affirms that she has not seen nor talked or communicated in any manner with her husband since October 31.

A month has passed, Bustillos is still missing and Molina’s account of the events gathers solidity. Molina on the other hand is facing military ‘justice’. The journalist is being charged for defamation against the armed forces. Previous victim of defamation against the armed forces is General Francisco Uson, who was sentenced to 5 ˝ years in prison for having said that the soldiers of Fort Mara were burnt with a flamethrower type of device. Worth noting that on that occasion too, Minister Garcia Carneiro said that he would personally see justice be made. Another notorious and extraordinary investigation spearheaded by the said minister is that related with the killing of six soldiers and a PDVSA engineer, allegedly ambushed by the FARC near the Colombian border. No person has been arrested in either of the cases.

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