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Trying to fit the pieces of the Anderson murder

By Miguel Octavio

27.11.04 | There is so much information floating around that it is really hard to make sense of it all. But I will give it a try, because there are a lot of confusion and complex facts surrounding the murder of Danilo Anderson and its aftermath. Writing them helps understand things.

The Murder:

The bomb that blew up Anderson’s car was made out of 250 grams of C-4, reportedly the smallest size in which that explosive is available. Even if C-4 is not commonly available, it is mostly used by the military; sufficient amounts of it are missing from Venezuelan military facilities that anyone could have made the bomb. The police have been contradictory about where the device was placed. The first report talked about two devices or two timers which has never been mentioned again. After that, various police spokesmen have talked variously about a bomb on the outside of the chassis of the car and a bomb underneath the driver’s seat. In either case, the bombing was carried out with “military” precision, Anderson was killed and the car burned.

People are making a big deal out of Anderson’s cell phone surviving intact, but there may be any explanations for this. I think it was weirder that a high Government official had been murdered and a bunch of other Government officials showed up without any bodyguards, standing around publicly in an area where ten minutes earlier a bomb had exploded. There could have been other devices around. Are they that stupid?

The whole style smells like a military operation, not a police operation, but sometimes police members come out of the military anyway. However, as we will see below all of the “suspects” to date have been more police related than military and are connected by their love of guns.

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