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Eva Golinger on the spin offensive in Venezuela…

By Aleksander Boyd

London 16.11.2004 | Time and again the rants of this deceitful woman are printed all over the internet and quite frankly I am getting fed up with it. Therefore I will again invite Eva Golinger to provide legal evidence of the crimes, she so happily attributes to opposition actors in Venezuela. To that end I will place here links to the relevant legislation so that it could be simpler, for her, to browse and publish the article or provision of Venezuelan laws that has been breached.

Legislation from the Supreme Tribunal of Justice

Legislation from the National Electoral Council

Legislation from the National Assembly

Bolivarian Constitution

Penal Code

Knowing that Golinger will not find explicit prohibition to political parties or NGOs with respect to the acceptance of foreign funds in the laws of the land, here is another link that contains the whole body of laws of Venezuela, so that failure to point out which particular piece of legislation has been breached can not be argued.

Interventionism and Imperialism

Golinger will have you believe that the US of A is illegally intervening in the internal affairs of Venezuela. However, I consider fitting and of utmost importance, to stress upon these two facts:

1) It is perfectly legal under American law for the NED, USAID and other entities to grant funds to political parties and NGOs in other countries, provided the legislation of the said countries permits it.

2) It is perfectly legal under Venezuelan law for political parties and NGOs to accept foreign funds and grants.

Other factors that need be considered in this case are:

1) Golinger has received payments from the Venezuelan regime in the past.

2) Golinger has received special protection from the Venezuelan regime in the past.

3) Golinger has a special relationship with the high spheres of power of the Venezuelan regime, to the point that she gets to call Chavez to his weekly televised rants and the neofascist leader actually lets her speak to the nation.

4) Golinger accusations of interventionism and imperialism are void and vitiated with nullity for she is hell bent in making up a case whereby Venezuelan politicians and members of NGOs are prosecuted for something that is not illegal in Venezuela but rather in the USA. That is to say, she wants for Sumate and others to be prosecuted for having accepted foreign monies, which again, is illegal in the USA but perfectly legal in Venezuela.

5) Golinger is interfering in the internal political affairs of Venezuela.

6) Golinger is spearheading an international smearing campaign against a civic NGO that has committed no crime under the laws of the land.

In sum, and begging readers excuses for my French, what the fuck is the problem with this woman? I hereby challenge you Eva to have a public debate about the aforementioned to prove me wrong, you can bring along the ‘best and brightest’ of your camp, Chavez and JVR included.

Furthermore, being a lawyer as you say you are, before you continue reiterating that there was a coup in Venezuela, read the decision of the Supreme Tribunal of Justice of Venezuela and ask them to change the wording if you wish to keep at using the term "coup". One thing is certain though, your command of the language is rather limited and you are neither a positivist nor a naturalist lawyer, what are you then?

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