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How can anyone take Mike Malvestuto or Vheadline seriously?

By Aleksander Boyd

London 31.10.04 - Just read Mike Malvestuto (badly dressed?) the letter to Vheadline editor in regards to John Kerry's recent declarations about the NED's funding to groups promoting democracy in Venezuela. Malvestuto argues that no one can take Kerry seriously for, according to him, it is illegal for NGOs to accept foreign funding.

I already invited him, and spinmeister Roy Carson, to forward me the piece of Venezuelan legislation that makes illegal the acceptance of foreign monies, although I know for a fact that none ot them will reply simply because said prohibition does not exist in our legislation.

The Penal Code has this jewel:

Artículo 167.- Cualquiera que, por medio de violencias, amenazas o tumultos, impida o paralice, total o parcialmente, el ejercicio de cualquiera de los derechos políticos, siempre que el hecho no este previsto por una disposición especial de la ley, será castigado con arresto en Fortaleza o Cárcel Política por tiempo de quince días a quince meses.

Si el culpable es un funcionario público y ha cometido el delito con abuso de sus funciones, el arresto será de seis a treinta meses.

According to that Hugo Chavez and his lackeys should be in jail!!


I sent an email this morning to Vheadline. This is how this 'pro Venezuelan' people respond:


We receive many emails each day from Internet lunatics.
They are immediately and automatically filtered to the electronic garbage bin, unread.
It's now a permanent feature for all and any emails received from you.
If writing to us gives you some pshycological cleansing we will have achieved something positive.
have a nice day,
The abuse filtering team

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