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Venezuela’s recall referendum: Update 06:45 GMT

By Aleksander Boyd

London 15/08/04 - 06:45 GMT – In exactly one hour and fifteen minutes Venezuelans in London will start voting on whether to recall Hugo Chavez. This site will provide updates and information on real time about the event, both in Venezuela and worldwide.

- There seems to be an issue with respect to the role that the army will have in the recall today. Some military speakers have said that they will be checking voter’s identification cards however General Garcia Carneiro said that the army had no business in the matter but rather to safeguard the security of the event.

- The National Electoral Council sent commissions to Carabobo, Zulia, Anzoátegui, Miranda, Monagas and Lara in Venezuela last night to solve last minute problems in the setting up of voting centres due to arbitrary changes of electoral officials.

- CNE Director Francisco Carrasquero invited the electorate to exert “in peace and harmony” its constitutional right to vote. Whereas Jorge Rodriguez stated that the polling centres were ready in 96.05% of the cases.

- President Chavez assured to OAS’ Cesar Gaviria and Jimmy Carter that he would respect the result whatever its nature. Gaviria and Carter express trust in the CNE’s capacity to give timely results.

- On the international front President Chavez contradicts previous announcements by Energy Minister Rafael Ramirez vis-à-vis possible disruptions in oil production.

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