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Venezuela: Eva Golinger keeps lying at the behest of Hugo Chavez

By Aleksander Boyd

London 13 July 2004 – I wonder what are the requisites or conditions that one must posses to have the ‘honour’ of talking live to Chavez, for surely he wouldn’t have allowed me to go on air on his Sunday perorate if I were to call to ask him why he has wasted 15 billion Bolivares courting the congress in Capitol Hill. However Eva Golinger’s infatuation with the Venezuelan president goes far beyond the realm of disseminating propaganda and misinformation in the USA, what’s more she appears to have a close relationship with his idol. If my memory does not fail me Golinger made her cinematographic debut in a presidential programme –Hello President- in which the ‘damaging evidence’ of the financing of Venezuelan NGOs and political parties by the NED was presented to Chavez, which ultimately lead to the trumped up charges of conspiracy brought against Sumate’s directors Maria Corina Machado and Alejandro Plaz.

She claims to be a lawyer, she admittedly passed the NY Bar exam on February this year –though, still, there is no record of her in the database of the NY State Court System-, she circulates false information and political propaganda in the USA without having registered as a Foreign Agent, which according to the Foreign Agent Registration Act is illegal, she has received payments from the Venezuelan government via the spin outlet known as the Venezuelan Information Office (VIO) and on top of everything else she has the bloody nerve to call Chavez again to criticise, providing information that has no relation to that respect, the governing plan presented recently by the opposition.

Of course she is not alone in this desperate crusade to save Chavez from utter defeat in the coming recall, another spinmeister who happens to ‘earn’ $60.000/annum and acts as director of the VIO, Deborah James -'Global Economy Director' of the Global Exchange-, was also welcomed, amongst other international ‘guests’ from different nations, by the president last Sunday, all willing to express their joy at the changes the country is undergoing, and their solidarity with the process.

In one of the last emails that Golinger sent me she stated “Look, I don't feel that anything has been achieved whatsoever by these exchanges and I am just not willing to dedicate more time to explaining to you my beliefs, values, life story, experiences, etc., especially when your final goal only seems to be, as you stated previously, "to destroy my credibility"” To which I replied “I did not destroy your credibility, you owe it to yourself.” So much so that her latest cozy chat with Chavez, coupled with the ‘revelations’ of yet another US conspiracy in the form of a transition plan, has placed the incumbent president in the awkward position of having to respond publicly for his baseless allegations. The problem stems from a confusion of terms. Golinger said that the plan presented by Diego Batista Urbaneja, called “Plan Consenso Pais,” had been produced in Washington and forced upon a NED grantee by the name of CEDICE (Centro de Divulgación del Conocimiento Económico). Despite her chronic phobia towards the American government, this time round Golinger got it awfully wrong for it happens that CEDICE’s plan “Consensus Building or Construyendo Consenso” has got nothing to do with Urbaneja’s et al “Plan Consenso País: Programa de Gobierno para la Transición.

Oops, it seems that apart from being an attorney that cannot argument coherently, Golinger is also language impaired. Pity… It most be a remarkably sad experience to go to bed at night in the know that thanks to one's own incompetence one's hero ridiculed himself in front of the world.

What is truly shocking, not to say appalling, is the lack of coverage that these issues get in Venezuela’s media. While Chavez continues bitching about US interventionism no journalist in the land seems to be willing to exploit the fact that there is irrefutable evidence of his courting to the US administration. The same rationale could be applied to the opposition, mind you if I can research about the aforementioned topics and come up with all sorts of incriminatory documents that prove beyond reasonable doubt the double standards of the regime, how can be explained that, in the thick of a political campaign, no respected Venezuelan politico confronts Chavez and his hordes with such damaging themes? Furthermore, how can Golinger’s opinions be given any weight in light of the obvious conflict of interests arising from the payments she has received from the Venezuelan government? Her findings come with a price, let that be sufficiently remembered.

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